Current Conference

We’re delighted to announce that the 2021 Sir Robert Taylor Society Modern Language Teachers’ Conference will be held on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 September. Due to Covid, the conference will once again be online this year, with two evenings of roundtable talks and guest speakers.

On Thursday 23 September, from 19:30-21:00 on Microsoft Teams, the theme will be Modern Languages and Careers.

We’ll be talking about, among other things:

Career paths of modern languages graduates

Employability and demand for modern language skills in the workplace

Transferable skills from modern language study

STEM pressure and the value of humanities subjects

On Friday 24 September, again from 19:30-21:00, the theme will be Modern Languages and Diversity.

We’ll be talking about, among other things:

Revisiting the canon: diversifying and decolonizing the curriculum in language, literature and film

Race, gender and sexuality as topics of study in language, literature and film courses

Racism, homophobia and other prejudice in literary texts and film

Diversity in the student body: widening participation in modern language courses

If you’d like to attend either or both events, please email us at, and we’ll send you the link to join.

During the events, participation from delegates through the chat and live discussion will be warmly welcome. If you’d like a more substantial seat at the Round Table to talk about either of these topics relating to secondary or higher education, please let us know, and we’ll be very pleased to accommodate you.

Below you will find a selection of links and videos about modern languages at Oxford, as part of the ‘virtual conference’ that replaced the annual SRTS conference in 2020.

Introductory video to our courses

Our colleague Helen Swift talks about the admissions process
Colleagues at St Hilda’s College discuss the role of teachers’ references in admissions
Dr Tim Farrant of Pembroke College talks about admissions interviews
An example of a modern languages admissions interview
Our modern languages students answer some frequently asked questions (filmed this summer during lockdown)

Here are some links that might be useful:

Oxford Modern Languages Schools’ Page, including digital resources and information on our language competitions and other outreach event

Adventures on the Bookshelf, modern languages schools’ blog for teachers and students, updated with a new post every Wednesday

Modern Languages admissions page, including details of the course and admissions process and course data, including employability stats

Youtube videos by Oxford staff and students on applying to Oxford and studying modern languages here.

Youtube videos produced in 2020 for our Virtual Open Days, aimed particularly at Year 12 students considering an application for modern languages.

Lastly, one of our delegates has drawn our attention to this poll, hosted by The Linguist magazine, investigating ideas on best practice in remote teaching for modern languages. She’d welcome participation.