Resources for Teachers

The Medieval and Modern Languages Faculty at Oxford University has a number of resources which may be of interest to teachers and prospcetive students. The Creative Multilingualism Programme has also produced a range of videos and guides for MFL teachers.

Below is a list of online resources for teaching MFL we are aware of. If you would like to suggest any resources for the benefit of other teachers, please feel free to email us at and we will update the list. Please note that the SRTS cannot accept responsibility for content hosted on any external sites.
If you scroll down you will also find videos of the plays performed at SRTS conferences over the last two years, which you may find useful.

Online Resources

Advancing Access (a variety of CPD resources and online events for teachers and advisers to help them support students’ progression to leading universities).

Eduqas digital resources (new resources from WJEC aimed at the new linear A Level. They will soon be uploading resources for the literary texts and films on their syllabi and developing their resource banks further): French; Spanish; German.

iLoveLanguages (a list of internet resources for language learning).

The Oxford German Network runs events, competitions, and workshops for learners of German.

The Cambridge German Network has a large array of resources for German, as well as links to other useful sites.

Villiers Park (free online extfree online extension activities to inspire and challenge students inside and outside the classroom).

At SRTS 2016, we saw a performance of ‘Never say Never’ (translation of Alfred de Musset’s ‘Il ne faut jurer de rien’) directed by Lucy Rayfield and Julia Hartley:

At the 2015 Sir Robert Taylor Society Conference, attendees were treated to a performance of Chastity on the Verge, directed by Lucy Rayfield from a new translation by David Maskell. You can watch this production below: